What is SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)?

SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a powerful software solution that helps companies plan, manage and optimize their supply chains. It is a module the world's leading ERP solution, SAP ERP . SAP SCM helps companies automate and improve their purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics processes. SCM is accessible via the SAP Cloud Platform , which offers companies the opportunity to manage entire supply chain processes on a unified platform. SAP SCM solutions can thus help companies meet legal requirements, ensure the availability of goods, support purchasing processes, promote efficiency and cost reduction, optimize supply chain performance and prevent supply chain disruptions.

SAP SCM can be used in a variety of industries, including automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, logistics, construction, and retail. The solution is modular and can be adapted to the specific requirements of each company.

The most important functional areas of SAP Supply Chain Management include:

With SAP Supply Chain Management, companies can optimize their purchasing processes by purchasing products and services through a unified portal, managing automated orders, and conducting supplier evaluations. Demand forecasting and supplier evaluation are also possible in SAP SCM.

In addition, production planning and control (PP/DS) to improve production processes by planning production capacity, monitoring production orders and controlling supply chain performance. Inventory management enables companies to manage their inventory levels. Distribution planning can improve distribution processes by planning orders, monitoring inventory levels and reducing distribution costs.

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