What is SAP ERP Central Component

SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) is an integrated ERP system that helps companies manage and plan their internal resources. It provides a unified platform that connects all organizing departments and simplifies data integration – whether planning and managing materials , staff , Finance , production , logistics or Customer management SAP ERP Central Component offers companies a number of benefits, including improved planning and control, greater flexibility, lower costs, and better customer focus. Companies can also use SAP ECC to manage their data and integrate their systems. This enables them to make faster and better decisions, automate business processes, and improve customer relationships.

SAP ERP Central Component gives users access to comprehensive reports covering all areas of the company. It also offers a range of tools for analyzing, optimizing and controlling business processes. A large part of the ECC functions are modules that support individual business processes. In the area of finance, these include the financial accounting, accounting, controlling and asset accounting modules. In the area of logistics, modules for inventory management, materials management and the shipping and warehouse module are available. Other modules are the production planning and control module, the human resources module and the customer relationship management module.

SAP ECC is based on the ABAP programming language (Advanced Business Application Programming) and the Database management software SAP HANA .

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